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The Lost Sale: Instead of Kicking Yourself, Do This

Recently one of my clients and I worked through a “post mortem” sales issue regarding a roadblock that cropped up and derailed what seemed like a slam dunk sale.  Lost Sale

It turned out that there were a couple of twists and turns going on in the prospect’s head that were invisible to them; just never hit their radar. So what was looking like a solid “yes” had a lot of “no” attached to it.

Then when the buying process got dragged down in seemingly insignificant red tape, the reps were left looking clueless. There was never really a “yes” to begin with. And they never had a chance to untangle and remove obstacles to the sale because they never saw them. Could they have? Yes. But they needed to get inside their prospect’s head.

Your customers were, after all, once prospects themselves. If your customers are out there gathering dust, time to open up the dialog with them. The payback is huge for the following reasons:

    1. They like to talk about their decisions.
    2. They are usually willing to share their thought processes.
    3. They always appreciate being asked.

Your clients may or may not produce that silver bullet that will solve all your mysterious lost sales questions. But the process of opening up dialog with them will, at the very least, help you better navigate those twists and turns that happen inside your prospects’ heads. Even if you end up losing the sale, you’ll know why, and use that knowledge for your next sale.

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