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What a Dog Knows About Marketing


The other evening my husband and I were watching TV and our dog, Buddy, a senior citizen pit bull mix, made his usual “rounds”, coming up to each of us, tail wagging, questionable breath, setting his muzzle on our knees with hopes of a quick pat or scratch behind the ears. It’s his duty. Buddy makes his rounds all day long, rain or shine, as if he is serving our needs, whether we ask for it or not. We’ve not only come to expect his rounds, we’ve come to need them as well. He’s always “at your service” in a moment’s notice, even urging him out of a deep sleep.


Through this simple consistent, good hearted act, what Buddy has managed to do is to gain our devotion, affection and expectation of excellent service. While we may complain about it, but we have come to rely upon it.


Anything better than average, delivered consistently with a smile (even with a tongue hanging out) is likely to become a habit, and habits are hard to break.


Your company may not be the brightest, the biggest, or the hippest, but there’s something you do that can become an expectation of your customers. What that “something” is, you need to uncover. But once found, if practiced every day, you will ultimately be rewarded with a loyal clientele.



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