Six Signs It’s Time for a Website Revamp!

Websites matter now, more than ever. Even if you are active with social media, don’t forget that at some point, someone out there is going to want to go somewhere where they can find out more about your business. You website is your brand. You need to keep it clean, current and relevant.

Here are six signs that it may be a good time to re-visit your site:

1)      YouImage find yourself constantly telling your webmaster things like “Hey, can you add a page…” or “Can you add another link…” you may be at risk of ending up with a confusing site. Looks like you don’t run a tight ship.

2)      Broken links everywhere! It happens, and often you don’t realize how long a link has been inactive until someone mentions it. Looks like you’re not on top of things; bad reflection on your business.

3)      Every space filled with something — clip art arrows, all capital fonts, rotating signs and text….lots of text and animated GIFs. Looks messy and outdated, which makes your company appear to be the same.

4)      People start asking “What do you actually do?” If your site doesn’t articulate it clearly, your customers will be confused as well.

5)      Large date gaps in press releases. If you have a press release page and there are no new updates, postings or releases, either remove it or update it. Create an archive for press releases older than 1 year. If your last release was 6 months ago, visitors will assume that you, too, are frozen in time.

6)      When someone says “Your site is mobile responsive, right?” you say “What?” A majority of people now access to websites via mobile smart phones rather than laptops. Your site needs to be mobile-responsive or it will be very difficult for visitors to navigate.

People think that making changes to a website is a long, expensive and all encompassing project. It doesn’t have to be. It can be accomplished with a few people and a little coordination and objective input. You can start by reviewing your site map and looking for ways to re-organize confusing links and eliminate obsolete landing pages. Graphic-heavy pages can be cleaned up, adding more white space and removing clip art. Pages with old press releases and outdated material can be cleaned up. Your webmaster should be able to construct a prototype site to sample new pages and material before it goes live. With a little effort and attention you can start to turn your site from a graveyard of old content to a hub of interaction and involvement.

Start now!


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