What’s Your Personality?

Many small businesses struggle with their USP or Unique Selling Proposition. That’s because it’s hard to get outside ourselves and see us as others do. There’s no avoiding it, you need a unique selling proposition and, in some cases, it might be as simple as injecting more of your personality into your business.


courtesy of clipartworld.com

When I was a college student at San Jose State, we used to go up to San Francisco and frequent a particular Chinese restaurant. It was known, not particularly for its food, but for its waiters. They would toss menus as you and ask you to “hurry up, order”. Then they would continue to gently but firmly insult the customers in a way that was funny and very original. (Can you imagine the interview process there?) We loved going there and having menus thrown at us. One even hit my lip and it was sore for hours, though I’d never dream of complaining.

How did this restaurant evolve to adopt such an unusual USP? Somewhere along the line a customer probably laughed at a surly waiter and brought a friend in to experience the “audacity” of a waiter that told you to “hurry up, order!” As usual, the customers unwittingly were identifying the restaurant’s unique selling proposition. Admittedly, the uniqueness of the experience wasn’t for everyone, but they realized that there were enough patrons who appreciated it to form a strong, loyal customer base.

What’s your personality? Does it make your product or service different? Find a way to capture it, nurture it and weave it into everything you do. Celebrate it and ask your customers if they like that personality. Your customers always know best.

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