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Talk to your customers and blog about it

So your company doesn’t have a lot of customer generated content out there. You’re not Apple or Samsung; so people aren’t constantly blogging or tweeting about your latest version or some “sick” new feature. Stop using that as an excuse to do nothing.  Create it yourself with a blog and start with your customers.

If you’re not great at reaching out to customers, join the crowd; it is one of the biggest issues I’ve found consulting to businesses. Once overcome, however, it will transform your business. So, refer to it as a “new initiative” for future product development, but get to the phone and make some calls. Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  1. What problem do your customers tell you your product/service solves or what need/desire does it fulfill?
  2. What problems do your customers experience? What are you doing to address them?
  3. Why do your customers prefer your product/service over that of your competitors?
  4. What do your customers want you to add or change over the next year or two to make sure they keep buying/using it?

Once you have some ideas, start your blog. Keep your posts short and easy to read. Get into a rhythm of at least 2 per month. Invite your customers to tune into your blogs. Ask them to comment. Here’s the key: Do not stop calling the customers, do not stop blogging. Make the commitment to keep it going.

The benefits are huge. What started out as a need for blog topics will give you a stronger product, a loyal customer base and a new lead source.  Please tweet this if you think it could help someone. Thank you!


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