How to Increase Web Hits by 200% and Re-Brand a Mature Product Line Through Internet Marketing….really!

Most marketing managers equate internet marketing with hot new products, rather than mature product lines. The internet just seems more compatible with flashy new product launches introduced via blogs, YouTube and a steady stream of Tweets.

The internet is by no means off limits to mature product lines. In fact, they are ripe for repackaging and re-inserting into the marketplace if implemented through a well designed, integrated internet marketing plan.

I headed an effort earlier this year to strip down a mature software product and re-package it into three new offerings, each introduced through colorful visuals and interactive landing pages that were easy to navigate and get the information needed to motivate a call to action. (If you’re interested, I can share the details.)  I then used Google AdWords to initiate a series of creative CPC ads with carefully tested and selected keywords used to attract a wider audience.

It’s amazing what a little work can do. The result was a 200% increase in web hits over a 60 day period, resulting in an increase in qualified leads of 25%!

There is a caveat here. Remember, as you set forth to initiate your internet campaigns, it’s not that difficult to set up your search engine marketing, optimization and social media circuits; the key is keeping it going in a consistent fashion. There is a wasteland of abandoned blogs, Twitters and websites out there. Don’t add to it!

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