Notes from New York: What does Bleecker Street Pizzeria do right?

Just got back from New York late last week. Always the marketing-mind, I drive my family crazy with constant dialog about how this or that establishment could do a better job of marketing.  So here’s a toast to a company that does it 90% right. Bleecker Street Pizza (corner of Bleecker and 7th in Greenwich Village) terrific pizza, thin crust, huge slices, outrageously good. So they know their “product” and how to please their market.

Good Point of Sale presence: Signs outside the door boasted their awards “Voted #1 by Taste of NYC, Regis, various radio stations…”. Very impressive, pulled us in.

Not sure if they are looking to move up to the next level (this place seats about 20 people max), but they should consider taking over Hummus, next door. People are literally spilling out the door of their tiny eatery, looking longingly at all the empty tables next door at Hummus. Just a thought.

Put the award accolades on your website please!! Such a tiny establishment should work for more take out business if they don’t want to expand their physical premises. You’d never know, from looking at the website, the rich history they have, all the fans, the awards.

It’s a great little pizzeria, but will stand still unless they take the next step and ratchet their marketing up a notch; believe me it won’t take a lot to become a real competitor to John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker, right down the street, the horse to beat!

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