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Tweeting Tune Up: Did You Know This?

I’m really passing along a few points from one of the gurus of social media, Dan Zarrella, who wrote the book sitting on my desk that is all dog-eared and annotated called “The Social Media Marketing Book”. So credit where credit is due; thanks Dan. I took my favorite points and am putting my marketing “spin” on it, so here goes. Oh, by the way, this is for you folks who want to build a high volume of Twitter followers, so if you’re not in that category, move on. Or read it anyway.

1)      Go ahead and bill yourself as an expert; that could be guru, lecturer, writer, thought leader, maven, you get the idea. Don’t lie of course. If you’ve never written anything you are not an author. But you’re probably an expert or “guru” on something. Be proud. But don’t rattle on and on about yourself. Who likes that?

2)      Don’t avoid Tweeting on weekends; in fact there is less business-type Twittering going on over the weekends, people are still stuck with old fashioned marketing rules, based on a 9-5 work day. So there is less competition over the weekends, people have more time to read things and re-tweet.

3)      Tweeting lots of links several times per day is good; if it’s your own content, though, let it sit out there, don’t Tweet over and over again. (Not sure why this is the case, but Dan did a lot of research on this so…)

There’s a lot more, but I thought I’d keep this short. I’ll highlight more in another blog. Or better yet, just go to Dan’s site; it’s chocked full of useful info. Then go to my site, to see how I can help you get your marketing mix together, so that you have something to Tweet about!

Just a word about content. Should be short, easy to read (think Hemingway, not Dickens). There is so much fluff (thinly disguised advertising) make sure it’s informative.

If you really want to write more interesting content, try asking your customers what interests them. What do they want to know more about? You’ll have a stack of fresh ideas in no time! [More about content in another blog]

If this is interesting, please Tweet! Thanks in advance.


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How to Increase Web Hits by 200% and Re-Brand a Mature Product Line Through Internet Marketing….really!

Most marketing managers equate internet marketing with hot new products, rather than mature product lines. The internet just seems more compatible with flashy new product launches introduced via blogs, YouTube and a steady stream of Tweets.

The internet is by no means off limits to mature product lines. In fact, they are ripe for repackaging and re-inserting into the marketplace if implemented through a well designed, integrated internet marketing plan.

I headed an effort earlier this year to strip down a mature software product and re-package it into three new offerings, each introduced through colorful visuals and interactive landing pages that were easy to navigate and get the information needed to motivate a call to action. (If you’re interested, I can share the details.)  I then used Google AdWords to initiate a series of creative CPC ads with carefully tested and selected keywords used to attract a wider audience.

It’s amazing what a little work can do. The result was a 200% increase in web hits over a 60 day period, resulting in an increase in qualified leads of 25%!

There is a caveat here. Remember, as you set forth to initiate your internet campaigns, it’s not that difficult to set up your search engine marketing, optimization and social media circuits; the key is keeping it going in a consistent fashion. There is a wasteland of abandoned blogs, Twitters and websites out there. Don’t add to it!

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Notes from New York: What does Bleecker Street Pizzeria do right?

Just got back from New York late last week. Always the marketing-mind, I drive my family crazy with constant dialog about how this or that establishment could do a better job of marketing.  So here’s a toast to a company that does it 90% right. Bleecker Street Pizza (corner of Bleecker and 7th in Greenwich Village) terrific pizza, thin crust, huge slices, outrageously good. So they know their “product” and how to please their market.

Good Point of Sale presence: Signs outside the door boasted their awards “Voted #1 by Taste of NYC, Regis, various radio stations…”. Very impressive, pulled us in.

Not sure if they are looking to move up to the next level (this place seats about 20 people max), but they should consider taking over Hummus, next door. People are literally spilling out the door of their tiny eatery, looking longingly at all the empty tables next door at Hummus. Just a thought.

Put the award accolades on your website please!! Such a tiny establishment should work for more take out business if they don’t want to expand their physical premises. You’d never know, from looking at the website, the rich history they have, all the fans, the awards.

It’s a great little pizzeria, but will stand still unless they take the next step and ratchet their marketing up a notch; believe me it won’t take a lot to become a real competitor to John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker, right down the street, the horse to beat!

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